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John Heartfield

For my own education and your amusement I'm starting a weekly post featuring a selected artist that attracted my interest, or was reccomended to me. He/she/them will be of any era, medium, etc but they will be controversial. Their work must challenge the accepted norms one way or another. Reccomendations are encouraged :)

For this week, I present to you, (with fair warning for disturbing anti-nazi imagery)

a political photomontage artist of the Weimar Republic era


Anti-Hitler Art Work





Blood and Iron

March 8, 1934
This piece is Hearfield’s interpretation of the Nazi military slogan. Blood dripping from the swastika infers that the military (weapons and soldiers) was all Germany needed for victory.

As in the Middle Ages...So in the Third Reich.

May 31, 1934
This piece shows humanity, broken on the wheel. It mirrors the traditional piece with a reference to the swastika, the Third Reich breaking human life.

And yet it moves!

This piece refers to a remark made by Galileo when he was forced to deny his belief that the Earth moved around the sun. Upon his release from the Inquisition, he stamped the Earth with his foot and said, "And yet it moves." This image shows that despite Hitler's terror, the world survived.

Adolf the Superman: Swallows Gold and Spouts Junk

July 17, 1932
This piece was used as an anti-Hitler poster in the 1932 election. It refers to the financial backing Hitler received from wealthy industrialists who feared Germany would vote for a Communist government.

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